Stellar Student Work

When I began student teaching this semester, I was unaware of just how much of a gap students face between Kindergarten and 1st grade. The students learn so much during this time period and while they come in from Kindergarten barely knowing their alphabet, they leave reading and writing fluidly and confidently. At the beginning […]


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I grew so much during my student teaching semester. It gave me a huge boost in confidence, access to so many resources and amazing people, and so much knowledge on classroom management, teaching strategies, and how to work efficiently. Looking back at my first few reflections, it’s obvious how much I have changed. Take a […]

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Bulletin Board

During my total teach I completed a writing project with the students in which they all wrote their own fractured fairy tales. During my last week on campus I decided I wanted to do one last fun writing project. Earlier in the week my mentor teachers daughter had a small surgery and I had the […]

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Lesson Plans

Student teaching weekly lesson plans- 10/19-10/23, 10/26-10/30, 11/2-11/6, 11/30-12/4 Total teach lesson plans- Week 1, Week 2 Project lesson plans and resources- Fractured Fairy Tales, Writing Recipes Go back to my field portfolio

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Classroom Management

In Ms. Mays classroom we preferred using positive reinforcement and praise when students followed rules or went above and beyond rather than negative reinforcement when rules were broken. We used the app Class Dojo to give students points when they did things like helping another student or being on task. When they got to a […]

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Seating Chart

Because of COVID 19 restrictions, our classroom had a unique layout. Students sat at individual tables or desks with as much space in between them as possible. We also needed a way to teach both virtual and in person students from the front of the room, so we added a desk at the front of […]

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Rules and Procedures

Because I completed my student teaching semester during the COVID 19 pandemic, our rules and procedures in the classroom looked very different than they would during a normal year. This resulted in students having to follow more rules than usual, such as wearing masks and maintaining distance, while also not having to follow as many […]

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