Thanks For Joining Me On My Journey!

This blog is based on the idea that no matter how far we are into our teaching career, there is always room to learn and become better educators.

I want to use this blog to document my growth as I go from a student, to a teacher, and what I learn as I gain more experience. Communication is important to me, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions!




Thank you to Logo Makr for the beautiful logo!

Picture credit and thank you to the amazing photographers of Unsplash. 

Huge thank you to Dr. J for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making this possible!

A big thank you to my wife Shayna for lending me her words to help me express my thoughts!

Thank you to my cooperating teacher Ms. Mays for answering thousands of questions and providing guidance, laughs, and fuzzy pens.


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