Book review: The screaming chef

Written by Peter Ackerman + Illustrated by Max Dalton

Tackles: Tantrums, tempers, and controlling emotions 

Age Range: 5-8 years 

Genre: Picture Book

The Screaming Chef tells the story of a little boy that struggles to control his temper. He is constantly upset and always screaming. Finally his parents find something that stops the screaming- food. The boy loved eating, but one night, when his parents accidentally burn dinner, he begins screaming again. The parents are tired of the screaming and relinquish cooking responsibilities to the boy, who finds that he loves to cook.  So much so, that his parents open a restaurant called Boy where he can cook every night for guests. However, one night when the boy becomes flustered in the restaurant, he begins screaming again. When he realizes how he is affecting everyone around him, he turns his attitude around and begins singing an apology! From then on he became the singing chef. 

The pictures in this book are vivid and bold, and the animation style is kid friendly and so adorable. This style is perfect to express the boys strong emotions. 

This book takes on a difficult subject when it comes to children: emotions. The boy cannot reign in his extreme reactions, but when he sees how it is hurting those around him, he manages to redirect his frustration and emotion into something else- singing. 

This book teaches the influence of your actions on others, finding ways to redirect frustration and anger, and does so in a way that is engaging, entertaining, silly, and very food friendly. 

Children are emotional and reactive, and need help to learn to control their emotions. This book is a great way to start that conversation with a child who struggles to control their own emotions, and entertaining enough to keep their attention. Plus, its absolutely adorable (yes, i’m referencing pages like the one where he accidentally serves his mother on a plate of lentils. So cute!). I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you do too. 

10 out of 10 crunchy ducks (so crunchy and ducky, it will make you quack quack quack)

Buy it here. 


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