MESA Project: Prototype

When brainstorming ideas for my prototype, I wanted whatever I created to represent the different aspects of what I want this project to be. I wanted it to represent students art, their thoughts and ideas on important issues, the space where those ideas and comments would live, the physical box that would be used to collect the comments, and the committee or group behind it that facilitated communication, as well as the actual communication to and response from administration.

My idea for my prototype is a board that represents the space the comments will be posted, and it will be decorated to represent the art element. I don’t want to push just my own ideas and comments, even on the prototype, so I want to gather some comments from friends and peers to fill it in. I also want to do a representation of the comment drop box, which will look like a soap box.

I also want to incorporate the people that will be behind this and operate it. I’m not sure how exactly I want to do this, but an idea I have is a handout or form representing the process the group goes through to post students comments into the space and how they are sent to administration.

I’m sure my idea will grow and change as I create it, but I want to be mindful with this representation and make sure I am including all of the components I want to represent and being inclusive.


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