MESA Project: Self Critique and Reflection

The MESA project has been a great gateway into the maker movement. Before this, I hadn’t really had a lot of opportunities to sit down and be creative and make something. Throughout this project I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with design thinking while working on something I am passionate about. I was able to try different ideas, make changes, and adapt what I was creating to the problem I was trying to solve.

Something that was the most influential to me was making sure that I am asking questions and talking to those in the community that I am working with. Throughout our readings and discussions I have been able to see the importance of keeping the members of the specific community you are working with in mind and a part of the process. Because of this, I was able to incorporate students and members of the SEU community, and keep my project helpful to those I am trying to represent.

I also feel like creating my project in a physical model has helped me to define and understand what I want the real thing to eventually turn out like. There’s something powerful about creating something physical and tangible in such a digital world. This is something that I hope to carry with me into my career and incorporate into my classroom.

I am proud of how my project turned out and I cannot wait to see it become a reality. I have seen this process begin at an idea, a sketch, and now it is something physical, that can hopefully continue to grow and evolve and result in real, influential change.


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