Standards and Alignment

Dimension 1.1: Standards and Alignment- The teacher designs clear, well-organized, sequential lessons that reflect best practice, align with the standards, and are appropriate for diverse learners.  

During the Fall of 2019 I was able to observe and assist in a Kindergarten classroom at St. Ignatius Elementary. I was given the opportunity to teach a lesson in the art room and because the students were doing a health unit, decided to create a lesson based on brushing your teeth.

I did a read aloud in the classroom with the students before we moved to the art room to use real toothbrushes to “brush” (paint) the teeth cutouts with “toothpaste” (tempera paints). Student’s could choose the colors and designs as long as the entire tooth was covered. We concluded by talking about why it’s important to correctly brush your teeth, visit the dentist, and take care of both your baby and adult teeth.

This lesson covered TEKS Chapter §115.2. Section b (1)(A) Identify and practice personal health habits that help individuals stay healthy such as a proper amount of sleep and clean hands.

To assess student learning I asked some questions and gave each student a chance to answer and discuss ideas once we returned to the classroom. I used a more informal assessment for the lesson, observing students working, discussing with their peers, and answering questions after the lesson.

I implemented some “on-the-fly” differentiation when some students began to finish their paintings early. I paired up the early finishers and had them count how many teeth they had and compare with their partners, as well as the numbers that adults and children have from our read aloud. I also encouraged them to come up with a questions they had about taking care of our teeth to ask their partner.

Read my entire lesson plan and see pictures from this lesson plan below.

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