Data and Assessments

Dimension 1.2: Data and Assessments- The teacher uses formal and informal methods to measure student progress, then manages and analyzes student data to inform instruction.

During my student teaching placement in the Fall of 2020, I worked with my cooperating teacher to assess our students. We performed formal beginning of the year assessments to gauge where our students were academically. This assessment included letter names and sounds, counting, sight words, CVC words, addition and subtraction, rhyming words, days of the week, months of the year, and number and color words.

Because we began the Fall 2020 semester online, we had to come up with a way to assess students over video chat. We decided to divide and conquer and used small group time to see each student one on one. Before we shared our screen that contained the assessment materials, we reminded students that they shouldn’t be using any resources or asking caregivers for help.

We used these results, as well as our informal assessments of our students so far, to come up with some goals for each student and begin forming our first small groups. We wanted these groups to be academically and socially balanced in order to create good working groups.

It was certainly a unique experience conducting these assessments online, but I feel confident that if we could pull it off under such weird circumstances, in person assessments would be a breeze in comparison!

You can see one of these completed assessments below.

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