Achieving Expectations

Dimension 2.1: Achieving Expectations- The teacher supports all learners in their pursuit of high levels of academic and social-emotional success.

During my student teaching placement at Gullett Elementary I was able to teach a zoom expectations lesson online. This lesson opened with a game (similar to red light green light) called mute and unmute, where the students muted or unmuted themselves based on what I told them. I was inspired to follow the ABC (activity before content) strategy and play the game first so the students’ would see the context of the activity and not just be bored by the powerpoint. I then reviewed some information on when they should be muted or unmuted, and how to use the 3 big questions to see if they should be unmuting themselves. Finally, I gave students some example scenarios pretending that I was a student on our zoom class. I gave them examples of things I wanted to say, such as telling the teacher my favorite color, or raising my hand to ask a question and waiting until I was called on. The students then gave me advice on what I should do in that situation by muting or unmuting themselves.

I created this lesson after we were a few weeks into school and realized that some students were still having a hard time with unmuting and blurting out in the middle of class. Students were also doing things like renaming themselves, eating during class, playing with toys, and using backgrounds during class, so we decided to do a refresher on zoom etiquette.

I wanted our students to know that we hold them to high expectations, and the reasoning behind those expectations. I explained that it can distract or interrupt other students when they are unmuting themselves or playing with toys. I also gave them a strategy for self monitoring by using the 3 big questions before they can unmute themselves to talk or ask questions.

Check out the slides I used below to see our 3 big questions!

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