Dimension 2.3: Communication- The teacher clearly and accurately communicates to support persistence, deeper learning and effective effort.

Student teaching during the COVID era has had its challenges, but it has also put me in a unique position that many student teachers do not get to experience. During our online learning when we were not able to be in the classroom and communicating in person, I was able to experience a variety of new technology based communication tools including Zoom, Seesaw, Konstella, Class Dojo, and more. On Seesaw, I was able to see students work and interact with them as if I was supervising and providing feedback in person. They can use drawing tools, microphone and video tools, and more to share their work with me.

Students also had the opportunity to interact over Zoom while we played games and had circle meetings. They were able to get to know each other and find friends with common interests.

Check out some examples below of students using tools to submit their work, and some of my feedback!

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