Content Knowledge and Expertise

Dimension 2.2: Content Knowledge and Expertise- The teacher uses content and pedagogical expertise to design and execute lessons aligned with state standards, related content and student needs.

During the spring of 2019, my teaching science class had a unique opportunity to participate in parent teacher conference night at St. Elmo. Each group created a lesson plan and we were able to teach in our own classrooms and do activities with the students while their parents met with their teachers. It was a fun and unique (and a little bit chaotic) experience, and I learned a lot about planning lessons.

This lesson was one that required thorough content knowledge, and my partner and I did a lot of prep beforehand to make sure our information was accurate and that we were able to answer any questions the students may have. This lesson was also originally two seperate lessons that we decided to combine to create a more engaging experience for the students. We took the classification element of my lesson and the excavation element of my partners and found a way for them to work together, bringing math and science together for our students and linking content that works together in the real world.

Check out our lesson plan below!

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