Monitor and Adjust

Dimension 2.5: Monitor and Adjust- The teacher formally and informally collects, analyzes and uses student progress data and makes needed lesson adjustments.

As a student teacher, I am no stranger to reflecting on my lessons and teaching experiences. I have grown so much from looking back over my work and talking about my mistakes. I have also learned a lot about structuring lessons and pacing from looking back at how my students have reacted to lessons and the mistakes they made. This ultimately has made me a better teacher. I believe it is important that as teachers we continue to monitor students and make sure that our lessons are as effective and as engaging as possible, and adjusting if they’re not.

During one of my teaching experiences, we were given the opportunity to record our lesson using a Swivl. We then looked back at these lessons and wrote a reflection focusing on what went well and what we could change for next time, depending on how our students reacted and completed the assignments.

I cannot insert the video of my teach for privacy reasons, but I have added my Vex Ven reflection below. Check out my thoughts on my lesson. For the full fairytale lesson plan that this is based off of, click here.

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