Classroom Environment, Routines, and Procedures

Dimension 3.1: Classroom Environment, Routines, and Procedures-
The teacher organizes a safe, accessible, and efficient classroom.

Classroom environment is, in my opinion, one of the biggest factors in our students success. If our students do not feel like they are a part of a calm, safe, and comfortable space, they will not be able to work to the best of their ability. Students must also feel that their classroom environment is accessible to them as students, meaning that the room cannot be centered around the teacher. While the teacher is responsible for setting up, managing, and maintaining the classroom, it is the students space as much as it is ours. This means that students must be able to locate supplies, reach books and other items that may be stored on shelves, and feel comfortable navigating the space. This comes from teachers organizing and properly labeling supplies, making sure that kid friendly materials are within the reach of students, materials that require more supervision are stored higher out of reach, and students have been given the chance to explore the space.

Classroom routines and procedures are also a huge factor in ensuring our students comfort and success. When students have a reliable schedule, they will never feel like they are uncertain about what is happening next. Students are also able to exercise their independence and take ownership when they have a routine to follow, rather than always depending on the teacher to guide them.

In order to make the classroom environment accessible and student friendly, as well as make sure that classroom procedures and schedules are available to young students who are not proficient readers yet, it is important that teachers use visuals along with words around their classroom. Below are some examples that I plan to use in my own classroom that combine words and visuals to guide young students.

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