Professional Demeanor and Ethics

Dimension 4.1: Professional Demeanor and Ethics- The teacher meets district expectations for attendance, appearance, decorum, and ethical responsibilities.

During my student teaching experience, I decided that I wanted to put extra effort into making sure that my professionalism matches that of the other teachers and staff in the school I was working in, and that I was representing myself and my program well. I made it a point to be on time, be present everyday, dress professionally, and communicate with families, peers, and students in an appropriate manner. Not only did I want to make a good impression with those I was working with, but I wanted to prepare myself to be held to the high standards that will be expected of me in just a few short months.

During this semester, while preparing for my PPR exam, I was given the opportunity to complete some extra ethics trainings. I was excited to add this knowledge to my professional skill set and received a perfect score on the quiz! I have inserted links to the video series and quiz below.

Check out the video series here

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