Dimension 1.4: Activities- The teacher plans engaging, flexible lessons that encourage higher-order thinking, persistence and achievement. In the Spring of 2020, I was observing and assisting in a Kindergarten classroom at St. Elmo and was given the opportunity to teach a reading lesson. The class had been talking about different types of literature, and I […]

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Knowledge of Students

Dimension 1.3: Knowledge of Students- Through knowledge of students and proven practices, the teacher ensures high levels of learning, social-emotional development and achievement for all students. During the Spring of 2019 I was given the opportunity to tutor a Kindergarten student at Gullett Elementary. During my time with this student we focused on reading skills. […]

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Data and Assessments

Dimension 1.2: Data and Assessments- The teacher uses formal and informal methods to measure student progress, then manages and analyzes student data to inform instruction. During my student teaching placement in the Fall of 2020, I worked with my cooperating teacher to assess our students. We performed formal beginning of the year assessments to gauge […]

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TX E Portfolio

Welcome to my TX E Portfolio! Click the links below to view artifacts and explanations! Planning: Standards and Alignment, Data and Assessments, Knowledge of Students, Activities Instruction: Learning Environment: Professional Practices and Responsibilities:

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Standards and Alignment

Dimension 1.1: Standards and Alignment- The teacher designs clear, well-organized, sequential lessons that reflect best practice, align with the standards, and are appropriate for diverse learners.   During the Fall of 2019 I was able to observe and assist in a Kindergarten classroom at St. Ignatius Elementary. I was given the opportunity to teach a […]

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English Learner (EL) Case Study

During the fall of 2019, I completed this English Language (EL) Case Study in my Bilingual Education course. I interviewed a seven-year-old English language learner in order to analyze his English proficiency. I also discussed the sociocultural and linguistic challenges faced by English language learners, as well as some statistics and information on the population […]

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MESA Project: Prototype

When brainstorming ideas for my prototype, I wanted whatever I created to represent the different aspects of what I want this project to be. I wanted it to represent students art, their thoughts and ideas on important issues, the space where those ideas and comments would live, the physical box that would be used to […]

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Mesa Project: Ideate

In my last blog post, I described my idea for the MESA project. I want to use this project as an opportunity to engage students and encourage them to take control of their role in the university, and open up communication between students and administration. Now, I want to discuss and reflect on this process, […]

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MESA Project: Defining the Issue

St. Edward’s University has a major gap in communication between students and administrators. This isn’t a secret, and through my research for this project, I have found out just how disconnected and unheard student’s feel. In my previous post, I described why I decided to look into this communication issue, and in this one, I […]

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