MESA Project: Prototype

When brainstorming ideas for my prototype, I wanted whatever I created to represent the different aspects of what I want this project to be. I wanted it to represent students art, their thoughts and ideas on important issues, the space where those ideas and comments would live, the physical box that would be used to […]

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Mesa Project: Ideate

In my last blog post, I described my idea for the MESA project. I want to use this project as an opportunity to engage students and encourage them to take control of their role in the university, and open up communication between students and administration. Now, I want to discuss and reflect on this process, […]

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MESA Project: Defining the Issue

St. Edward’s University has a major gap in communication between students and administrators. This isn’t a secret, and through my research for this project, I have found out just how disconnected and unheard student’s feel. In my previous post, I described why I decided to look into this communication issue, and in this one, I […]

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MESA Project: Empathy

St. Edward’s University is a community of diverse students from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, socioeconomic classes, sexuality and gender identities, and religions. This means that each student comes to the university with a different set of experiences and needs, and different ideas and perspectives. The University boasts that it is one of inclusion and supports […]

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