Knowledge of Students

Dimension 1.3: Knowledge of Students- Through knowledge of students and proven practices, the teacher ensures high levels of learning, social-emotional development and achievement for all students.

During the Spring of 2019 I was given the opportunity to tutor a Kindergarten student at Gullett Elementary. During my time with this student we focused on reading skills. My student was shy at first and seemed hesitant to open up to me. He also did not have a lot of confidence behind his reading skills. These were a few things I wanted to work on while we practiced reading.

I decided to put together some reading materials that reflected his interests. I wanted to grab his attention, provide something familiar so that he could build fluency and confidence in reading, and something comfortable so that he would feel safer opening up to me. This included poems about aliens, activities including candy, and silly rhyming word poems.

I also used some information I collected during a more formal assessment I conducted when I first began working with him to influence what we worked on. I used a reading interest survey to understand when, where, and how he liked to read. I used a lot of fiction, which he enjoyed, and when we did a nonfiction project, I made sure we chose a subject that he enjoyed to make sure he remained interested.

Check out our final board below which we created to showcase all of our projects together, and a description of everything on it!

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